What to name our tables?

A question we are frequently asked for advice on is a theme/ideas for table names.

It has to be a difficult  choice as a list of inspirational suggestions is endless.

The ideas can come from the couples interests, places they have been together, experiences you have enjoyed together, here are just a few ideas.

Ibiza Clubs
Road names of all the houses that they had lived in together
Places of interest, towns etc in country/ place where you were engaged
Underground stations
Mountain names / Ski resorts
Hotels you have stayed in or will stay on honeymoon

Places close to the wedding venue i.e. The Lake District and Lake names


Soap Operas
Favorite Film Titles
Favorite TV shows
“Love” in  different languages
words from the first dance

This list could be endless but hopefully gives some starting points

One of my personal favorites is a recent couple who chose their most liked comedy shows with a line from the show.





You may be having a military wedding and so regiments,famous battles, ships, aircraft etc

A quick quiz in our shop is to ask customers to identify the theme on one table plan








and the answer is cuts of diamond.

Football (rugby, cricket golf ,tennis etc) teams clubs,grounds, legends
Animals (birds,fish,cats, dogs, butterflies etc)
Cars,trains,ships,etc Songs,music, instrumentS

Your wedding will be taking place during one of the four seasons or maybe at a notable date like Christmas when carols could be your theme, or if your table number count is low the 7 dwarves to the 12 days of christmas.

This one area not short of inspirational ideas,however, if in the face of such huge choice there is an alternative






Now, you have many ideas to start you off

Which will you choose?

Or do you have something completely different……………………….

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