We have a number of new matte stocks to announce enhancing our range and offering you even more options. Lemon Meringue, Sunflower, Wedgewood, Zuni, Thistle, Warmed White, Turtle Dove and Eggshell, all of them gorgeous, most of them with a matching text weight stock and many with matching envelopes. To highlight a few; Warmed White, no one understands the many facets of white like a designer who is frantically looking for the right print panel that will work with a tweaky color. Warmed White will dance well with our softer shades like Coral, and fleshier tones like Sea Shell, Crepe, even Taos, and Cameo (I know, you haven’t seen Cameo yet but you will soon and you will love it) It’s not really white and it’s not really ecru…it’s something else.  Sunflower and Lemon Meringue will feel like a summer day. And Turtle Dove is just that shade in between River Rock and London Fog. Wedgewood is like its namesake. And Zuni will make you crazy with love.


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