Front Seals

What is a front seal?

It is an addition to the front of the invitation enclosure whether it be a pocketfold, gatecard, envelofold, portable pocket, to personlise your invitation a little further. They are also completely optional and are down to personal choice.

This example shows how the heart image the client had running through their invitations , though they can be designed with any idea you have  in mind.

So if you have an image, poem, symbol or just your names , whether they be in initial form or full text. They can be used as a title as in, save the date, evening invitation. By us offering you a bespoke service we will always try to include any idea you have.

They can be used  purely as a fun item or as serious  and traditional as you require. You may want to carry a theme through as in the butterfly below.

You may wish to have an image of where you are being married e.g. Las Vegas, or  an image to represent the season you are being married in.

Never be afraid to ask, we will always try to meet your expectations.

Some more samples…….

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