A look at one of our stands.

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Here below is the Lovestationery stand at the recent Goosedale wedding show in Nottingham.

We have advertised Lovestationery wedding shows many times here, yet we have never really shown you just what we do at a wedding show.

Lovestationery stand front centre

Lovestationery stand front centre

Lovestationery stand at Goosedale wedding show March 2014

Lovestationery stand at Goosedale wedding show March 2014


Left side of stand

Left side of stand

Are Wedding Invitations essential?

Standing engaging with the public at wedding fairs I cringe when I hear comments like, “we will just send an e-mail out”, “ text message will be fine”, “ we are not wasting money on invitations that are just thrown away”

But, then I would I am the owner of a handmade , bespoke invitation company…… and I feel they are just missing the point!

I can agree that no one could expect a guest to keep an invitation that even the bride and groom have given no effort or thought to them. If you received 2 invitations for the same day which would you choose to attend the pre printed with names and dates written in accompanied with various bits of photocopied paper of directions etc or the invite below.


Look at it from the guest point of view, or how have you re- acted to a wedding invitation.Invitations are one of the most essential aspects of planning your wedding,they set the tone of what your guests can expect, and enable your guests to fully prepare for the big day.This is the importance of a beautiful, custom designed and thoughtful invitation that will stay out of the bin and into the memory book.Your invitation will not end up in a bin or your phone and e-mail tied up with the same questions from your guests, if you have included all the information they need to plan.

This is the area in which a “pocketfold “ invitations rises to the top.

Not only do you have the perfect invitation, but the space for all the information guests require for your wedding day.Directions, accommodation, gift list, menus,dress code etc and an RSVP included, all in one place one package.

The more personal and informative your invitation, then the more apparent it will be to your honoured guests you have put your heart and soul into the invitation and you really do value their attendance and your wish to share this special day in your lives with them.

Enjoy creating your invitation and the excitement and anticipation they will bring for your guests!

Save The Date

Save the Date cards are now being used more extensively as couples wish to ensure none of their guest’s miss their wedding day.
The cards allow you guest’s to plan for your wedding well in advance. The save the date cards are useful if you are planning a mid week date as guest’s will probably need to book time off work. A wedding abroad then guest’s will need to book flights and holiday time to share the day with you. Sending a Save the Date Card for your wedding is often the first step on your journey, serving as an exciting reminder and a courtesy to your guests.

Invitations right first time Part two

Invitations right first time  Part two

Postage Problems

With your assembled wedding invitation including directions, gift list details, accommodation and an RSVP will be heavy in its envelope and may require more than a standard stamp to be processed through the Royal Mail. Recent changes to Royal Mail may now mean a 1st class stamp is no longer sufficient.

Helpful hint:

Assemble an invitation, complete with the RSVP cards, direction cards and reception cards within the envelope and weigh it and check the size at the post office to determine the correct postage.

Not Enough Envelopes

As you address the envelopes for your invitations, you may well make mistakes. We are all human, you will take the next envelope in your pile and begin addressing the invitation again.

As a result, you may run out of envelopes before you run out of guest invitations.

Helpful hint:

Always order one to two extra envelopes for every 10 wedding invitations to allow for any mistakes you may make when addressing them. Or have them printed for you.


Your invitations or R.S.V.P. cards should clearly state the deadline for a reply from your  guests. We would suggest a date at least 4-6 weeks ahead of the wedding. Most people will have replied by this date. This allows you time to substitute any guests unable to attend and maintain any catering numbers whilst not leaving  your guests with a  limited time left to plan.

For those who have not responded, it is perfectly acceptable to call them and  confirm their attendance.

We hope this is helpful to you in planning your invitations.

We would recommend you visit a wedding stationer to help quide you through and  deliver your dream wedding invitations.

They are the first your guests will see of the great day you are planning, and will be their first impresion setting the scene and tone of your wedding.

We hope this helps, and……………………. enjoy the planning of your wedding.


Wedding Shows

What  a busy weekend, ran 2 shows, Derby Conference Center and Eastwood Hall, both proved to be good shows.

Plenty of new brides looking for invitations and showing a huge interest in our handmade, besopoke stationery.

The Envelopments pocketfolds creating the most , the all in one package seems to catch the imagination of the brides.

Next weekend Sunday 2nd October 2011 we will be at Mickleover Court in Derby. A fantastic wedding venue!

Come along and see us there and take advantage of our current offers.

This show has been organised by the Wedding Proffesional Network  where you can see and talk to many trusted wedding suppliers.

Brides can register online at www.weddingshows.co or simply TEXT WEDDING to 60777 for Free instant tickets to there mobiles.

To this and many other local wedding shows.

Looking forward to meeting you next week







Do we need an envelope?

Our customers once they have their wedding invitations in a pocketfold design often ask “Do we still need an envelope?”

We strongly recommend that you mail pocketfold invitations in an outer envelope.

The sides of pocket folds do not seal completely, so there is a chance something could fall out. Besides, the envelope protects and preserves your elegant card as it travels to your honoured guests. If you like the look of your invitation without an envelope, consider using a crystal clear envelope to show off the contents while still protecting your wedding invitations

Why leave your envelope just a plain white? Lovestationery can provide envelopes across the matt and metallic colour range sized to accommodate all the Envelopments enclosures and cards.

But why stop there? We are able to print return address for RSVP envelopes. Your design and theme can also run through  to the envelope,

let your guest’s know from just seeing the envelope that the contents are something special.


What shall we name our tables?

A question we are frequently asked for advice on is a theme/ideas for table names.




It has to be a difficult  choice as a list of inspirational suggestions is endless.


Ibiza Clubs

Road names of all the houses that you had lived in

Places of interest, towns etc in country/ place where you were engaged

Underground stations

Mountain names / Ski resorts



Hotels you have stayed in or will stay on honeymoon







The ideas can come from the couples interests, places they have been together, experiences you have enjoyed together, here are just a few ideas.

Places close to the wedding venue i.e. The Lake District and Lake names

Soap Operas

Favorite Film Titles

Favorite TV shows

“Love” in  different languages

words from the first dance, your favourite song


This list could be endless but hopefully gives some starting points

One of my personal favorites is a recent couple who chose their most liked comedy shows with a line from the show.







You may be having a military wedding and so regiments,famous battles, ships, aircraft etc

A quick quiz in our shop is to ask customers to identify the theme on one table plan

and the answer is cuts of diamond. You could choose precious stones or birthstones.

Football (rugby, cricket golf ,tennis etc) teams, clubs,grounds, legends

Animals (birds,fish,cats, dogs, butterflies etc)


Songs,music, instruments

Your wedding will be taking place during one of the four seasons or maybe at a notable date like Christmas when carols could be your theme,

or if your table number count is low the 7 dwarves to the 12 days of christmas.


This is one area not short of inspirational ideas,however, if in the face of such huge choice there is an alternative


but with some creativity even numbers can be made to look good !!!!!!!

Now, you have many ideas to start you off

Which will you choose?

Or do you have something completely different……………………….