Makes a change from pocketfolds

One of our cheque book style wedding invitations

This cheque book style wedding invitation makes a welcome change from our popular pocketfold style wedding invitation.

They are about the same size as a cheque book and normally contain 3 pages.

Cheque book wedding invitation 3 page inserts 

Cheque book wedding invitation outside and inside view


The 3 pages are

1. The wedding invitation

2. An RSVP postcard with your return address printed on the reverse, so easy for your guests to post straight back to you. We perforate this page to make it easy to tear out.

3. The last page can carry any heading you wish,directions, accommodation, gift list, guest information and can be printed on both sides, if more space is required  we just add more pages.

We can produce this across our full 250 colour range.


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