3 New Pinks

We are  excited to announce that  3 new pinks have benn added to the Envelopments collection.

This adds to the vast colour range to widen the opportunity of making your handmade, bespoke wedding invitations that more personel.

We all know how much you girls love pink!

Pinks make for great spring/summer wedding invitations.

Babies are born every minute, making Birthdays every day, which leads to, baptisms, parties, and graduations… there are so many other occasions to celebrate throughout the year!

Because every one of these events is an opportunity  to celebrate with those near and dear,

We will soon be featuring new design inspirations for all of life’s moments. From  birth announcements to graduations and birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs to moving cards, we’ve covered the spectrum of all celebrations.

“Ballet,” available in card stocks, papers, liners and envelopes is a delicate pink that can be used to replace Tutu (discontinued).
“Peony” as a unique tone that coordinates beautifully with our pink patterned stocks (think White Linen-KIT96, White Linen-MEH96 and Classic Ecru-SUT96) and is also available in card stocks, papers, liners and envelopes.
“Camellia” carries the most pigment of the new pinks is available in card stocks, papers and liners.


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