Are Wedding Invitations essential?

Standing engaging with the public at wedding fairs I cringe when I hear comments like, “we will just send an e-mail out”, “ text message will be fine”, “ we are not wasting money on invitations that are just thrown away”

But, then I would I am the owner of a handmade , bespoke invitation company…… and I feel they are just missing the point!

I can agree that no one could expect a guest to keep an invitation that even the bride and groom have given no effort or thought to them. If you received 2 invitations for the same day which would you choose to attend the pre printed with names and dates written in accompanied with various bits of photocopied paper of directions etc or the invite below.


Look at it from the guest point of view, or how have you re- acted to a wedding invitation.Invitations are one of the most essential aspects of planning your wedding,they set the tone of what your guests can expect, and enable your guests to fully prepare for the big day.This is the importance of a beautiful, custom designed and thoughtful invitation that will stay out of the bin and into the memory book.Your invitation will not end up in a bin or your phone and e-mail tied up with the same questions from your guests, if you have included all the information they need to plan.

This is the area in which a “pocketfold “ invitations rises to the top.

Not only do you have the perfect invitation, but the space for all the information guests require for your wedding day.Directions, accommodation, gift list, menus,dress code etc and an RSVP included, all in one place one package.

The more personal and informative your invitation, then the more apparent it will be to your honoured guests you have put your heart and soul into the invitation and you really do value their attendance and your wish to share this special day in your lives with them.

Enjoy creating your invitation and the excitement and anticipation they will bring for your guests!

Envelopments statement

In order to support the continued expansion of the Envelopments line, we have made changes to our price group structure. These changes become effective February 1, 2012.

Over the past several years, we have added more premium stocks to our line and have absorbed price increases from our suppliers, but have avoided any increase in our pricing. In fact, Envelopments has not had a price increase in over 6 years. However, these factors have made it necessary for us to make price modifications. We understand the impact of these decisions and they are not undertaken lightly. Therefore, we worked very hard to implement these changes “surgically” rather than “across the board.”

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