Invitations right first time Part two

Invitations right first time  Part two

Postage Problems

With your assembled wedding invitation including directions, gift list details, accommodation and an RSVP will be heavy in its envelope and may require more than a standard stamp to be processed through the Royal Mail. Recent changes to Royal Mail may now mean a 1st class stamp is no longer sufficient.

Helpful hint:

Assemble an invitation, complete with the RSVP cards, direction cards and reception cards within the envelope and weigh it and check the size at the post office to determine the correct postage.

Not Enough Envelopes

As you address the envelopes for your invitations, you may well make mistakes. We are all human, you will take the next envelope in your pile and begin addressing the invitation again.

As a result, you may run out of envelopes before you run out of guest invitations.

Helpful hint:

Always order one to two extra envelopes for every 10 wedding invitations to allow for any mistakes you may make when addressing them. Or have them printed for you.


Your invitations or R.S.V.P. cards should clearly state the deadline for a reply from your  guests. We would suggest a date at least 4-6 weeks ahead of the wedding. Most people will have replied by this date. This allows you time to substitute any guests unable to attend and maintain any catering numbers whilst not leaving  your guests with a  limited time left to plan.

For those who have not responded, it is perfectly acceptable to call them and  confirm their attendance.

We hope this is helpful to you in planning your invitations.

We would recommend you visit a wedding stationer to help quide you through and  deliver your dream wedding invitations.

They are the first your guests will see of the great day you are planning, and will be their first impresion setting the scene and tone of your wedding.

We hope this helps, and……………………. enjoy the planning of your wedding.


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